My courses

Regarding my studies, I was enchanted.

Indeed, I found exactly what I appreciated at the EMS: I mean small classes with interactive courses where we can ask questions and address the teachers. They are very understanding and easily accessible.

High schools in Belgium can be compared to a private higher education school in France because they both have the same system of learning that is more focused on practice than theory. The « Ecole de Commerce Européenne » is a part of it. However in France, these schools are much more expensive than the university.

With regards to the professors, they all had successful careers in marketing previously. For example my teacher in strategic marketing, Madame Virginie Perrot, has a lot of experience in this field. She has worked for 15 years in various well-known companies such as Kellogg’s, Danone and Quick restaurants. She has as much theoretical as practical knowledge. It is with enjoyment that I listened to her experience and advice for my professional life.

The evaluations of the courses at ECE are based on a 50% quotation in continuous interrogation and the other half takes place through the examinations in June. My Erasmus period has not been easy because I had to work a lot. The work to be made and the subjects to study were impressive. We had to do a lot of group projects which was very time consuming. This was generally a case study which I found very interesting. We studied problems of start-ups and tried to solve them. My team and I met weekly with the professors responsible for the course but also with other stakeholders and leaders of the company.

Later on I want to create my own business so working with start -up is the best way to learn. I think that the creation of company is a success due to the contribution of each individual. I am convinced of the effectiveness and added value of teamwork. My years of learning at EMS and ECE have confirmed this to me.

When I arrived at the Business School, I had the choice between 13 subjects taught in French or in English. I opted for 6 among them because I had to have a total of 18 credits. My choice was quickly made; I wanted only courses in English. I do not regret this decision. I could improve the language despite being on Erasmus in France. The learning of English at ECE is intensive and compulsory for all because it is the language of international business. These courses were taught by foreign teachers. I could only speak in English to them which forced me to improve my knowledge of it.

These past four months have helped me to better prepare myself for my professional future.

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