“Living in Bordeaux for 4 months has been a great experience”

From the moment I learned that it was possible to go on Erasmus, the motivation to do well the first semester had already invaded me. To be able to go abroad was for me a wonderful opportunity! The possibility to meet new people, to travel, to discover, to learn … So many things that made me dream. I had to catch my chance!

In my opinion, the destination is of little importance. Whether it is close to Belgium or not, it is what you gain from the experience that has value. Bordeaux is maybe not the most exotic destination, but I would advise whoever is thinking about going abroad to venture there!

What really convinced me to go are the strengths of the host institution. Indeed, « Ecole de Commerce Européenne » is a private higher education school. It is part of the « INSEEC Group » which is one of the first European groups of higher education in management. They have a faculty of more than 450 teachers, researchers and practitioners of company and hundreds of partner universities in the world.

Therefore the ECE benefits from every specific advantage of the rare Schools belonging to large groups: Many opportunities to international, a powerful network of former students and 5th year of studies thanks to gateways towards twenty Master 2 from the INSEEC and EDHEC Group.

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