More than simply restaurants!


Mama Shelter is a living space in Bordeaux, a truly urban refuge not just beautiful and modern, but popular, fun and friendly 🙂

On the ground floor, you can’t miss the restaurant with its dishes to share, its gigantic bar, and a large terrace on which you can meet American poets, Japanese painters or South-American writers. The space is not prisoner of its design, it is functional and simple as a wink.

Once you’re full, move on to the bar to enjoy a night of R&B and hip hop with live DJs on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Address: 19 Rue Poquelin Molière, 33000 Bordeaux, France



The “Miroir d’Eau” is less than 10 years old, but located just across from a monument nearly 3 centuries old, it has become one of the city’s main attractions.



Located across from Place de la Bourse, between Quai de la Douane and Quai Louis XVIII, this spectacular pool, designed by landscape artist Michel Corajoud, alternates a mirror effect and artificial misting in an extraordinary way.

The rhythmic changes in 2 cm of water on a gigantic slab of granite make this location truly magical. Children adore playing here and it is a meeting place for lovers as well as people who enjoy putting their feet into the cool water in summer!

Located between the Garonne and beautiful 18th century façades, the Mirroir d’Eau is the most-photographed site in Bordeaux and is listed as a contemporary World Heritage Site By Unesco.